South Florida Tile Re-grouting and Recaulking

One of the most important things in determining how long your tile surfaces will last is the strength of the caulk and grout. Whether it be kitchens, bathrooms, or countertops, these sealants will start to discolor and deteriorate if the surrounding area is not kept clean. Due to age, manufacturer, installation, or use, tile can require re-grouting and re-caulking on a periodic basis. Each day tiles and grout take a beating. Regular contact of water in sinks and showers result in calcium buildup and dirty caulking. Kitchen tiles are also easily soiled, especially on countertops and backsplashes – both of which are easy to get dirty when you’re cooking. Sometimes the dirt comes right out, but other times stains can set in.

Professional Tile Re-grouting in South Florida

The expert tile and grout technicians at Universal Tile of South Florida are equipped with the most advanced machinery that can professionally clean and sanitize your tile and grout. We also apply a sealer to inhibit contaminants from penetrating your grout’s porous surface – leaving your floors pristine and much easier to clean.

Don’t depend on the fact that you may have new construction that your caulk is safe. New caulk tends to shrink in it’s beginning months and may expose sensitive areas to moisture and mold. Caulk can peel away from the surface and leave behind hidden gaps. This is an insidious problem due to the fact that these gaps may introduce moisture into your home. In showers and baths, the open crevices can become a breeding ground for mold. This is a precursor to “soft wall syndrome,” where the gypsum in the wallboard becomes soft and begins to disintegrate. The solution is to seal your South Florida home through tile re-caulking.

Tile Re-grouting In South Florida For Since 1987

Proudly servicing the South Florida area since 1987, our family owned and operated company provides re-grouting, re-caulking and color sealing. We don’t just work in the trenches; our team of certified tile repair specialists also restore marble, tiles, and showers to their original beauty.

Some of our previous clients include The Breakers Hotel, J.M. Lexus, Mizner Towers, Mayors Jewelry, Boca Grand, Florida Atlantic University and Office Depot Corporate. Our previously satisfied customers can attest that we consistently deliver a meticulous attention to detail. We have a respect for the integrity of your home and business, and work to deliver low cost solutions, without tearing up all your old tiles. Universal Tile Restoration Inc. has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and an A rating on Angie’s List. We’ve worked hard to build our reputation and stand by our work. We provide excellent customer care and follow through on each of our orders.

Contact us today. We will send someone over to give you a free estimate today. Come see the wide selection of materials we use by visiting our office and showroom, open to the public on Mon-Fri 9-5. South Florida tile re-caulking can revitalize the look of your home. Tile and grout cleaning gives your home an extra layer of cleanliness. We have been helping South Florida customers keep their floors clean since 1987. Call us at (954) 427-7725 and see how much nicer your yours can be!

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