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We now offer a door to door service and start to finish installation of any hard floor surface.

At Universal Tile Restoration, Inc. you have the advantage of being able to shop for your hard surface material where ever you want. Buy from us or them and we will do the most professional installation you’ll find in South Florida.

Tiling installation can quickly become a nightmare of a do-it-yourself project. What may seem like a fun and simple project can lead to frustration and wasted money when you don’t call the professionals. As a South Florida tile contractor with years of experience, we are fully dedicated to the needs of our customers while providing high quality installations.

Professional Tile Installation in South Florida

When you are looking at tile installation, we can help you select a style that is appropriate for your home. You can have the tile installation performed side by side, diagonally so that it is laid corner to corner or with various sizes of tile for something more geometric. Tile contractors can advise you on the best approach.

Tile is an affordable and durable choice that is practical for many floor or surface replacement jobs. Moreover, your home is a long term asset that requires maintenance to fix any damage or deterioration that might occur. You can keep your home lively, attractive and beautiful with the help of proper tile installation services.

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