South Florida Marble Polishing and Restoration

More than ever, South Florida homeowners are using natural stone tiles to furnish their homes. Natural stone like marble, terrazzo, limestone, granite and saturnia provides a smooth glossy finish that elevates the beauty of any property. These materials increase the value of your home while offering you and your guests a prestigious welcome.

With time this natural material can lose its shine and luster. When this is the case, you need to call in a professional South Florida marble restoration company. Marble and natural stone restoration is a highly skilled job that is best left to skilled tradesmen. You may come across cheap fixes that claim to freshen the look of your floors. These temporary remedies advocate the use of acids and chemicals which will make your floors shine for a few weeks – and you’ll be happy you went with a cheap fix – but the effects will wear off and the corrosive liquids will have done their damage to your expensive marble and tile.

South Florida Marble Polishing: The Steps to a Finer Shine

Universal Tile repairs and revitalizes your South Florida marble floors the natural way. With our cutting edge process, we completely rejuvenate your surfaces and return them to their original, factory-finish condition. We start by prepping the area for protection. Then we hone or sand the floor to remove the damage caused by years of traffic, a process that requires multiple pass throughs with ever increasing grain. After the damage is removed the smooth floor is buffed and polished with a polishing compound that will give the material that sought after illustrious shine. Once the job is done we advise you on the routine maintenance needed to keep your floors looking smooth, sleek and elegant.

South Florida Marble Polishing: Since 1987

Our family owned and operated company has been in business since 1987. We only send out certified and experienced technicians because we understand that the value of your home is not something to be left to amateurs. Our highly trained technicians are skilled in natural stone, tile and grout restoration.

Caring for your broken, damaged or worn countertops and floors does not have to be a chore. Our marble and stone restorations consist of stripping, polishing, honing, filling holes and and re-sealing. In addition, we polish and seal countertops, and re-grout marble showers and floors. Our services include maintenance of saturnia, terrazzo, marble, limestone and granite. On some of the most used areas of the house, like the shower and bath, we strip off calcium and lime deposits, mending your marble showers to their original beauty.

With Universal Tile’s marble restoration process, your South Florida home looks as new as the day you bought it. Check out our client testimonials here to see what previously satisfied clients had to say, or request an estimate on our Contact Us page.

If you’re ready to upgrade the value of your South Florida home, call now for a free estimate. Our service area includes West Palm Beach, Broward and Miami dade counties.



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