South Florida Grout Restoration & Repair

When redecorating, we often change the colors of our walls and carpets. Replacing tile or marble flooring is often out of the question due to cost. But you can change the personality of your floors by changing the color of the grout. Grout restoration in South Florida is a growing business. Smart homeowners are realizing the beauty and added value that a new grout sealing can provide their South Florida home. This process is called grout staining, and it can add new life to your home.

Grout is the waterproof cement that goes between tiles. Since it is porous it absorbs everyday spills and dirt. Over time grout can wear out and crumble. Over time, it can lose its color and waterproofing capability. Renovating grout can be a quick and cheap way to freshen up the look of your hallways, bathrooms or kitchen. After replacing your grout we always apply a pigment sealer. We do this for two reasons. First, it prolongs the quality and texture of the grout. Second, it allows us to change the color of your grout to a lighter or darker color. This is all a part of Universal Tile’s South Florida grout staining services. We proudly service Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties with top of the line grout restoration in South Florida.

Over time, your floors endure extremes above and beyond other surfaces. Floors bear the brunt of the foot traffic. Your floors are the subject of dirt buildup from years of constant use and discoloration due to age. Improper initial installation and inferior original materials affect your floors and the quality of your home. For example, your house may have settled since it was first built, causing tiles to jut out, or grout to be worn out. Other times grout can discolor due to age or years of cleaning with improper chemicals. Grout deterioration is a problem you may be experiencing if you’ve lived in your home for longer than five years. Even after mopping and scrubbing, your grout may still look dirty. Traffic patterns show on the grout between your tiles and you can practically see where the most walked areas of your house are. Grout staining can take your dirty floors to the original white color you had when you first moved into your home. Or, if you’re looking to remodel, grout staining can match the color of your new tiles or South Florida home ambiance.

Professional South Florida Grout Staining & Sealing

Universal Tile can clean and re-seal your grout in any color. We repair cracks and voids in grout and make your floors look like new for a fraction of the replacement cost. Grout deterioration is a common problem in the South Florida area due to the low sea level and high humidity. Cracks in grout and tiles allow moisture to get in where it shouldn’t. This can not only introduce microbes into your home but shorten the life of your floors. Our South Florida grout sealing process creates a waterproof barrier that prevents mold and mildew coming up from your basement. We are the licensed South Florida grout restoration specialists.

If you’re thinking about adding a new look to your floors, we provide the highest quality grout restoration in South Florida. Universal Tile has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and an A rating on Angie’s List. Since 1987 Universal Tile has been providing grout restoration and grout staining services to the South Florida area.

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