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  • Improper installation is the main cause. Not enough thin set and additive was used which caused the bonding to fail.
  • Paint left on the slab prior to installation did not create a clean surface for the tiles to adhere to. The paint peels after time and ” pops” the tile.”
  • Heavy contruction in the area ( jackhammering )
  • Flood and loss of electricity will cause buckling but usually the tiles are hollow first. at the bottom it lists the licenses with only Palm Beach County- see first page for correct way.

Grout by nature is very porous and unless it is sealed will continue to absorb dirt. Staining and Sealing (one procedure) of the grout will make maintenance easy by protecting grout joints from dirt. An additional benefit to staining the grout is the option of a color change. You may want to update your floor or perhaps you are not happy with the original color. Staining the grout will enable you to choose the color of your choice and to assure uniformity of color. It will also protect your grout and ensure years of a clean grout line if maintained properly

Cleaners that contain acid or bleach should never be used for regular maintenance. Any type of acidic cleaner even a light solution of vinegar and water will etch and damage the tile when used for a prolonged period of time. Continued use of acidic cleaners will also break down the grout and strip the pigmentation from the stained grout. In addition acidic cleaner will wear away the finish of ceramic tile and will eventually create “worn tile” syndrome.

A neutral cleaner is recommended for daily use. TB200 cleaner is a super concentrated non-acidic cleaner. One quart of Universal Tile Restoration’s TB200 will make thirty-two gallons of cleaning solution. It is completely safe for every day use and when used on a regular basis will preserve the beautiful look of the floor. TB200 can be used on glazed and unglazed tile, natural stone, porcelain tile, and sealed Mexican tile as well. One capful is added to a gallon of water. It is important to use a clean towel or mop to clean the floor otherwise dirt is pushed into the grout and you will get dirt build-up on top of the stain.

Our cleaning products are available at our office for purchase or they can be shipped to you directly. Our TB 200 is a green marble and tile cleaner that does not need to be rinsed off. Please call our office for more information.

False. Your floor and the grout will get dirty sooner or later depending on the traffic in your house. But the maintenance is easy and by using the right cleaning product your floor will look like new for many years. The grout will not stain.

Ceramic tile grout joints that have been sealed and stained need to be cleaned properly in order to maintain the sealant. Please DO NOT USE ANY HARSH chemicals such as vinegar and bleach products. Use a neutral cleaner such as TB 200 concentrated cleaner available in our office. Always sweep or vacuum the floor first. Take a capful of solution to 1 gallon of water. Use a mop or old towel wrapped around a long handled stick with a squeegee. Damp mop the floor and leave to dry. TB 200 does NOT need to be rinsed off.

Not necessarily. First of all check your shower to see if you have any missing grout or caulking. Even a small piece of grout missing can cause leaking and that can be easily repaired by Universal Tile Restoration. If you are not sure, call a plumber to eliminate that possibility.

Not necessarily. The soft wall in the shower can be repaired by Universal Tile Restoration. The damaged wallboard can be removed and replaced with wonderboard ( Cement board ). The original tiles then can be placed back in the shower. It is then necessary to regrout the entire shower to make sure that there are no openings anywhere.

To avoid mold, mildew or fungus all wet areas must be dried after each use. Keeping a squeegee in the shower is the best preventative medicine! Use a mild cleaner, hot water and a brush to clean and try to avoid heavy chemicals which eat away at the grout and caulking.

  1. Flood (tiles that sit under water may become loose)
  2. Extreme humidity and extreme heat.
  3. Heavy construction in nearby area.
  4. Age of the floor/ and or poor installation in some cases.

We are able to inject a bond under the tiles without removing the floor. This injection method is a permanent repair and Universal has successfully repaired hundreds of homes in South Florida over the past 18 years. If the tiles are buckled and not broken we can reuse the same tiles and put them back in.. We are very creative in finding a solution other than resorting to ” ripping out the floor “. After a repair if you have the grout stained and sealed it is impossible to determine if the floor was ever repaired. This is a great solution for the homeowner who is selling his home, or if you plan on staying and do not want to invest thousands of dollars.

All these terms refer to the different methods of restoring your marble, stone or granite tile.

A honed finish is a smooth matte finish, and a polished floor is a shine on the floor which can range from low to a high mirror finish, depending on what you want. Diamond grinding removes scratches and restores the floor to its original luster. Sealing with an impregnator will protect your investment from deadly stains such as coffee or wine

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